For Partners

Our affiliate program helps active leaders earn additional income from their invited partners. Invite your friends and acquaintances, earn with Velox LTD. We have developed a generous rewards system that includes multiple levels with certain premium percentages.

  • Level 1 - 4% bonus from Deposit
  • Level 2 - 2% bonus from Deposit
  • Level 3 - 1% bonus from Deposit

It is important for us that our partners get real profit and prosperity with Velox LTD. Therefore, all prizes will only be credited with actual revenue. If your partner has made a profit and wants to open a new Deposit, then in order to charge you an affiliate fee, he / she needs to withdraw funds to his / her real account and create a new Deposit through replenishment, rather than make a reinvest from the balance.

When reinvesting deposits from the balance of accrual partners are not charged.